Wildfires across the West have affected our air quality this summer. Below are resources teachers and parents can use to help understand current air quality conditions. Students can also use these resources to learn about air quality and its effects on our environment and health.

“Why is Coco Orange?” Picture Book

Why is Coco Orange? video

Be Smoke Ready: Know the Colors of the Air Quality Index (AQI) video

Protecting Children from Wildfire Smoke and Ash

With the Air Quality Flag widget you can:

  • Customize the widget so it has your city or organization’s name at the top
  • Click on Tomorrow’s Forecast to see which flag to fly tomorrow
  • Click on Current Air Quality to see the latest hourly air quality reading
  • See what activities are healthiest for the day by clicking on Activity Guidance.

Looking for more environmental education content for your school or classroom? Join the Air Quality Flag Program and get a free set of flags for your school!

Why I Care About Clean Air: Student Engagement Activity

Check out the interactive fire, smoke and AQI maps to see your current conditions.

Visit the Teachers Toolkit

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