The Wyoming Alliance for Environmental Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit composed of citizens working to increase the prevalence and improve the quality of environmental education throughout the state. We believe every resident of Wyoming should have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, values, and commitment needed to protect and restore Wyoming’s natural heritage.

Founded in 1992 as the Wyoming Association for Environmental Education, the organization was originally comprised of EE professionals. It was membership-based and served to support the professional development and work of EE providers. In 2014, the organization became the Wyoming Alliance for Environmental Education with a much broader mission and vision. No longer membership-based, we now work with many people, agencies, and organizations to advance environmental literacy and build an infrastructure to improve environmental education in schools and communities statewide.

WyAEE is proud to serve as the Wyoming affiliate of the North America Association for Environmental Education. In that capacity, we are part of the Affiliate Network of NAAEE, which promotes collaboration for maximum effectiveness and efficiency and a unified voice for environmental education across North America and beyond. The Network is comprised of EE organizations in the US, Canada, and Mexico and provides a forum for ongoing dialogue and activities that enhance EE capacity at all levels.