There’s never been a more important time to promote environmental awareness and education!

The stakes have never been higher. The citizens of today and tomorrow will have an important role to play in protecting our natural world. But first, they need to know what’s at stake–and that they have the power to make a difference.

Environmental education is good for students! Protecting our forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, plants, animals and more benefits those we are trying to teach!

  • Better problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Greater awareness of current events.
  • Improved math, science and technology skills.
  • Purpose-driven academic and career engagement.

Environmental education is also good for the state of Wyoming:

  • Preserved natural beauty.
  • A cleaner, healthier environment with less pollution.
  • A safer habitat for people, plants and animals.
  • Positive economic impacts, including economic diversity.
  • More jobs involving environmental stewardship and technology.
  • Nurture a Wyoming full of lifelong learners who care about the environment.

Ways WyAEE Helps All of Wyoming

  • We’re here to be a partner! We work with schools, organizations, local governments and public/private stakeholders throughout the region to achieve mutual goals.
  • We provide training and ongoing education to ensure teachers are equipped to deliver high-quality environmental curriculum.
  • We take pride in being a resource for the educators and organizations we serve.

Please let us know how we can help support your goals. Contact us here.

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