During the month of April, WyAEE will be promoting Outside for 5—a national campaign to encourage educators of all grades, in classrooms and out-of-school, to take their students outside for a minimum of 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week. And not just go outside for fresh air, but to participate in meaningful learning experiences outdoors. The goal is to introduce the value of outside learning to more educators across the state.

And there will be prizes and gift cards as incentives for teachers who participate!

Spring into learning outside! When students go outdoors, they become more confident, attentive, creative, and cooperative. That’s why we’re excited to promote #OutsideFor5—a pledge campaign that encourages educators to incorporate a lesson or activity at least 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, or any meaningful amount of time. Learn more and take the pledge today at www.outsidefor5.com.


Going #OutsideFor5 is good for students and teachers. Experts know that learning outdoors improves mental health. When teachers and students connect with the natural world, they experience connection, community, and creativity. Teachers who sign the pledge receive a code for a 5% discount to the Outdoor Learning Store! Learn more at www.outsidefor5.com.

Mental Health

Students juggle stressors that affect their mental health and productivity in the classroom. Going #OutsideFor5 can be a breath of fresh air, as studies show that outdoor learning improves their emotional, intellectual, and behavioral skills. Take the pledge and discover the power of the outdoors at www.outsidefor5.com.


We can support our Wyoming communities by encouraging educators to devote time to outdoor learning and going #OutsideFor5. For 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, or any meaningful amount of time, let’s experience nature’s classroom! Teachers– follow us on Facebook and let us know the activities your students have completed or will complete while #OutsideFor5. Don’t forget to pledge today at www.outsidefor5.com.

Environmental Education Week

It’s Environmental Education Week! Student learning which takes place in outdoor settings fosters systems thinking, encourages students to become change-makers and choice-makers, and become adaptive in their thinking. It’s good for students and good for the environment! Celebrate Environmental Education Week by going #OutsideFor5! Find resources and activities www.outsidefor5.com.

Healthy School Environment

Teachers and students are the fabric of a strong school community. We can work together and nourish a new understanding for outdoor learning. Do you know teachers and schools in your community who would join the #OutsideFor5 hive? Pass it on and encourage educators to sign the pledge! Visit www.outsidefor5.com to learn more.

Outdoor Classrooms

School grounds have the potential to provide children with opportunities to get outside. Encouraging students to use their 5 senses to explore their schoolyard can help them to learn from their unique perspective and stimulate their memory each time they explore the outdoors. When you go outside today, take a minute exploring each sense by asking students, What do you feel? What do you see? As you breathe in the air what do you taste? Touch the ground or a nearby tree and share how it feels? Close your eyes and listen for new sounds, what do you hear? By taking a minute on each sense, students have ample time to focus on being #OutsideFor5!

Improving Academics

The outdoors are great for learning! Stanford researchers analyzed environmental education studies over a 20-year period and reported that 98% of studies showed knowledge gains across multiple disciplines, including environmental issues, science, mathematics, and more. Get #OutsideFor5 to support your student’s learning. Find resources and ideas at outsidefor5.com.

Physical Health

Getting students #OutsideFor5 and engaging with nature can enhance the benefits of physical activity. Researchers studying childhood and youth behaviors have repeatedly found a positive relationship between outdoor physical activities and improvements in health and well-being. Take the pledge and discover the power of the outdoors at www.outsidefor5.com.

Professional Development

Taking students outside might seem challenging. There are lots of opportunities to enhance your skills and develop new strategies for getting students #OutsideFor5! Learn more about environmental and outdoor learning professional development in Wyoming by checking out our eeCourses here!

Field Experiences

Learning happens all the time, everywhere. Gardens, zoos, nature centers, and other sites of environmental education are like charging stations that can power up kids’ learning back in the classroom. By connecting to an extensive circuitry of environmental and outdoor learning sites that provide field experiences during the school day, schools and districts can help ensure that the knowledge and skills students gained in one place can easily flow into new contexts, powering further exploration and boosting ongoing learning. Get #OutsideFor5 by going on a field trip!