Talking with Green Teachers Podcast

Talking with Green Teachers features discussions with environmental educators from around the globe. In each episode, we hear the human side of EE, while discussing some of the big questions facing this diverse branch of education. This Earth Day, win gift cards to the Non-Profit Outdoor Learning Store by subscribing to our podcast!

NOAA science activities that kids and families can do at home

A quick roundup of NOAA’s most popular educational resources to help you learn about the ocean and atmosphere

Environmental Literacy Briefs

What does it mean to be environmentally literate? Stanford scholars provide a common framework with a series of environmental literacy research briefs about environmental education.

Do younger generations care more about global warming?

The Yale Climate Change project, in collaboration with the George Mason University, has just released a new analysis – and it’s full of information regarding the views of different age groups.

Ecological Understanding as a Guideline for Evaluation of Nonformal Education (EUGENE)

Do you want to evaluate your nonformal environmental education program? EUGENE is an easy-to-use tool to help in evaluate knowledge gain as a result of your program.