WyAEE: Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of WyAEE is to help Wyoming citizens understand how the land sustains life, thereby promoting stewardship and inspiring hope.

Vision Statement

We envision a statewide community of networks and alliances that advance environmental literacy among Wyoming residents, working toward a future when decisions about our natural resources are based on principles of sustainability.

Statement of Guiding Principles

  • WyAEE is a neutral and objective source of information related to environmental education in Wyoming. We believe quality environmental education evaluates all sides of an issue in a fair and impartial manner and considers all relevant scientific, economic, historical, and cultural aspects.
  • WyAEE serves the common needs of educators, public agencies, community nonprofits, businesses, tribal organizations, and faith-based organizations by supporting their efforts to provide environmental education to their constituents. We believe everyone should have access to quality environmental education.
  • WyAEE promotes networks, partnerships, and collaboration as the most effective way to achieve the goals of environmental education.
  • WyAEE believes that building a sense of place is crucial and EE materials must be relevant to Wyoming. We also believe, however, that the people of Wyoming must consider our connection to global environmental issues in addition to understanding our local environment.