Leap into a Science is a program developed by The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the National Girls Collaborative Project. It is designed to introduce young children and their families to basic science concepts through exploration and discovery. Children learn to think like scientists by making comparisons, generating hypotheses, and testing ideas. They also connect science and scientific thinking to literature.

There are currently three different topics; more will be developed in the future:

  • Balance
  • Wind
  • Light & Shadow

Each topic has a kit of supplies that are easily replaced so the kit can be used multiple times. Kits can also be assembled with easy-to-find materials using a supply list.

There are two levels of activities: one for ages 3-5 and one for ages 6-10. The educator leading the activities reads a book to the students that is relevant to the topic. Then the students explore the topic through hands-on activities. There is also a set of activities for children to do with their parents at a family event. 

In Wyoming, Leap into Science is a joint project of WyAEE, the WY Afterschool Alliance, and the State Library. We have trained educators in after-school programs, preschool programs, and informal educational settings like libraries and museums. We currently have kits for Wind that can be given to educators who go through the Wind training. Educators who have been through the training then have access to the other two curricula online.

We are scheduling training for Light & Shadow in fall 2020. We will schedule Wind training in 2020 if there is interest. If you are interested, contact Sue McGuire at WyAEE for more information.